MRI® Assessment

The most comprehensive analysis of an Integrated Marketing Communications program.

Innovating Sender Analytics.


Objective Analysis of Channel Performance

Get the top-level data you need to make informed decisions, improve performance, increase ROI.

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Learn how to define channels, differentiate subchannels, and explore how each is performing


A disciplined approach within context, measured against best practices with human intelligence


An objective assessment from multiple analysts generating both quantitative and qualitative data


Comprehensive report and executive summary representing performance and benchmarks by channel and subchannel


Analyst presentation, discussion of data, and channel-by-channel review to improve knowledge transfer


From upload to download, MRI supports clients, agencies and leadership throughout the assessment process

Market-Ready Clients

Join our community of Agencies, Marketers and Leaders leveraging Sender Analytics.

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An objective evaluation of, “How are we doing?”

Our Scope

The Market Ready Index® Assessment analyzes and evaluates each form of integrated marketing communications (IMC) across all channels: branding, marketing, advertising, design, internet, social media, multimedia, public relations, events, and sales.

Our Service

The Market Ready Index® Platform provides an AI-disciplined framework for analyst evaluation, based on both human and business intelligence, resulting in quantitative and qualitative data points which provide critical insights on performance and a resource to help guide future work.

"MRI provides a systematic approach to evaluating both analog and digital forms of communications."

- Chauncey Smith, Chair of Marketing, Market Ready Index® Advisory Council

The MRI® Assessment Process

The new discipline for objectively evaluating an Integrated Marketing Communications program.

  1. 1
    Provide Client Information for Context

    Relevant business information, business strategy, KPIs, and reference documentation for context

  2. 2
    Upload Samples of Current Communications

    Every asset from every channel and subchannel currently in use, or pending release, for evaluation

  3. 3
    Receive Data, Analysis, and Insights

    Full and executive views of quantitative and qualitative data with scores, benchmarks, and data visualization

Learn how MRI® Assessment is the Source of Truth in MarCom.

What Market Ready Index® Users Say

Insights from Professionals Who Adopt the MRI Platform

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With MRI Assessments, our agency can bring objectivity to new clients in order to build trust and relationships.

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Our department can measure every channel with Market Ready Index, which means we can manage every channel.

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With MRI, our leadership team can make strategic decisions because the data tells us how to meet our goals.

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