Branding refers to the names, terms, designs, symbols, designs intended to identify the goods and services of one seller and create distinct images and associations in the minds of prospects, customers, and stakeholders.

Your brand is a combination of tangible brand elements — like a logo, color, slogan, or design — that you develop to tell the audience what they can expect from your products and services. Brands are also made up of secondary brand associations — brand elements you borrow to reinforce your brand — such as an endorser or the act of associating your brand with a country or region to reinforce authenticity. Your brand is aspirational, not only defining who you are but, more importantly, who you want to be and why your product or service is better than what is offered by your competitors.

Your brand is the promise of what you stand for and what customers should expect when they choose you over a competitor. Without the right brand positioning, a product will never realize its full sales potential. Your brand should be positioned consistently across all marketing channels, such as your website, digital advertising, physical store, packaging, social media profiles, and more. A well-positioned brand differentiates your products and services and provides a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.